Sunday Service,  Sunday 22 November 2020

Church Services are cancelled as are most of our other regular activities. However, that does not mean Church has stopped. We just have to work out new ways of doing it. We still have a pastoral concern for our people.

The Fenwick Optimist

The world continues to face an unprecedented situation with the spread of COVID-19, and our Church family has been forced to be physically distant from each other.

Fortunately we have found new ways to continue to care and connect.

We have enjoyed worship every Sunday using the internet (links to this are posted on the Church website and facebook page). Zoom meetings including Tea and Coffee (virtual) after the Service on a Sunday let us catch up with friends (if anyone needs a link to this please contact Colin or Kevin). The Church gates are festooned with prayer ribbons, the Contact Group has been keeping in touch by phone, the Covenanter is available online and will soon be delivered again and all our members have received cards made by our young people.

Sadly, as groups and meetings are generally not allowed, it looks like we will need to continue to find new ways to enjoy fellowship this Autumn/Winter until we can be properly reunited in person. This Newsletter is designed to let you know how you can get involved in these. We’re sending it out to all our members but we would like you to share it with friends and neighbours as everyone is welcome to join in. If you need another copy to share with family or friends please let us know (contact details are on the back page).

We’re trying for a mixture of real and virtual activities so there’s something for everyone – if you are online or not.

You can download the full newsletter below and if you wish to take part in any of the projects or events please send the details requested on the last page to:


Think of Fenwick and you may think first of our attractive and historical white washed Kirk with its crow stepped gables.  Built in 1643 it has been described by visitors in various terms as quaint, a beautiful wee Kirk, and as a place of God’s presence and peace.  As a building it points to the wonderful heritage of the Parish.  But, we are more than that!

Fenwick Parish Church is a lively, active and busy congregation.   We serve a semi rural population, centred on the village of Fenwick but including the hamlets of Waterside and Moscow as well as a large rural hinterland. The make-up of the congregation is mixed from the very young to the not so young. The Kirk Session and congregation are rising to the challenge of melding the traditional with the contemporary.  Sunday morning worship is a mix of organ led and band led praise and seeks to be inclusive of the generations.  Members of the congregation are involved in scripture readings, prayer and occasional dramas. We seek to be outward looking as a congregation running regular Alpha courses to introduce members of the community to the Christian faith and are actively involved in supporting a number of overseas projects.


JUNIOR CHURCH and Ycam – 10.00am


  1. Hi We visited Church back in 2000. I just can’t remember the history of the chain by the door. Could you help me please.
    I’m a HOWE and are doing my Family Tree.

    Raewyn NEILSON

  2. Hi. My Great Grandparents were married in Fenwick about 1847 and I would like to know if your parish records are still held at the kirk, or at some other repository. We are hoping to visit from Australia during 2016, but this is contingent upon on health as we are getting on.
    If you could reply to Email I would very much appreciate it.
    Eric Edwards

  3. My 5th great grandfather was married there too . 20th of December 1781 John watt and Jean Brown Any records to see if I come visit from Canada ?

  4. I was a member of Fenwick church from 1971 to 1984 and sang in the choir, I can’t remember the ministers name.

  5. My great grandfather was the minister at the church and my grandmother played the pump organ. Exact dates I don’t have but the surname was Burns. Are there records kept at the church? I will be in the area this summmer.

    • Hi Bill, Your Great Grandfather, Andrew Burns saw the last tragic event in the life of the Old Fenwick Parish Church. It happened on the evening before the November Communion of 1929. A spark from the Church’s boiler set alight to the roof and the Church was totally destroyed. Only the walls remained standing and all that was saved internally was the Sand Glass and its stand. In a short space of time the Church was rebuilt and restored to its former glory. We have very few records in the church but his name is on our Ministers Board displayed in the church and there is a picture of him in our vestry. Contact us when you are going to be in the area and we can arraign a tour.

  6. I am visiting Scotland for the first time and am enjoying some time researching ancestry. I believe one of my ancestors was buried in your cemetery in the 1800s. Is the cemetery open to public to visit?

  7. Hello-
    Find a Grave lists my greatX4 grandmother Ann Craig Dunlop (1760-1791) as being buried in the Fenwick Parish Churchyard. There is no photo of her grave on the memorial here: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/185288627

    Is there a way to confirm that she is in fact buried there?

    Thanks for your help- it is MUCH appreciated.

  8. hi, trying to find out if Robert Buntine is buried in your church grounds? He was born in Fenwick about 1630 and was executed on 19th Dec 1666 in Glasgow as a result of the Pentland Rising of that year. i have a photo of what looks like a gravestone of his. He is my 9th Great Grandad.
    thank you and God bless


  9. Good morning from the west coast of Canada…. my 4 x great grandfather James Currie was baptized in Fenwick on April 9th 1788. His mother is said to be Jane Stevenson and in what looks like in the ancient script ‘ in Pehilly’. I can find no local reference to any variant of what the spelling of ‘Pehilly’ looks like and wonder if you, with local knowledge can help? Thank you in advance for any help.
    Rhona ( Currie) Burslem

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