Sunday Service,  Sunday 2 August 2020

Today’s service for Fenwick

Church Services are cancelled as are most of our other regular activities. However, that does not mean Church has stopped. We just have to work out new ways of doing it. We still have a pastoral concern for our people. The elders and the Contact Group are not able to function as normal. A good number of them are older and more vulnerable and need to be more careful, but can still communicate by phone or email. Some of our folk who can’t get out will be well provide for by family, but some will have no family nearby, or perhaps they too will be required to be isolated. I was pleased to overhear someone at Riccarton on Sunday offering to bring shopping to one of our older members. He will be doing it for his father anyway, so it’s no bother. A member at Fenwick who is in her 90s phoned me to say that if anyone is stuck in and wants a chat she’ll be happy to phone them. How can we as a church support each other at this time?

Sunday worship as normal is still not possible, but there are still many good resources available online. (I know not everyone has internet access, and it is not as good as being together). I have provided a link on our Facebook Page for the online Congregation of the Church of Scotland and there are many other resources. I will try to record and post some messages appropriate for our own congregations. (Perhaps others might like to contribute to this too).

I am reminded of Psalm 137, “By the rivers of Babylon we sat ant wept when we remembered Zion… How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?” But they did learn to do that. Their situation was drastically changed but they discovered God had not abandoned them.

Through the exile they discovered God in a new way We need some thought and reflection, and of course prayer, but I believe that we can do the same.

Think of Fenwick and you may think first of our attractive and historical white washed Kirk with its crow stepped gables.  Built in 1643 it has been described by visitors in various terms as quaint, a beautiful wee Kirk, and as a place of God’s presence and peace.  As a building it points to the wonderful heritage of the Parish.  But, we are more than that!

Fenwick Parish Church is a lively, active and busy congregation.   We serve a semi rural population, centred on the village of Fenwick but including the hamlets of Waterside and Moscow as well as a large rural hinterland. The make-up of the congregation is mixed from the very young to the not so young. The Kirk Session and congregation are rising to the challenge of melding the traditional with the contemporary.  Sunday morning worship is a mix of organ led and band led praise and seeks to be inclusive of the generations.  Members of the congregation are involved in scripture readings, prayer and occasional dramas. We seek to be outward looking as a congregation running regular Alpha courses to introduce members of the community to the Christian faith and are actively involved in supporting a number of overseas projects.


JUNIOR CHURCH and Ycam – 10.00am